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Recycled  Packaging, Toys made from recycled plastic bottles.

The way we shop and the way we sell... 

We support local artists and suppliers this supports other local businesses but it also keeps packaging, emissions and pollution down.

Even the way we sell makes small differences, for example when labelling items for sale where possible we just price the whole row of items or write prices on already existing labels this takes up more time but even the simple act of not using a pricing gun reduces alot of waste, the labels, the glue, the inks and the guns themselves come from overseas packed in excessive amounts of plastic and for what to save few minutes pricing items?

We ask our suppliers to use minimum packaging which we then recycle and reuse. If we can't use them we post them for free on local buy and sell pages so others may use them. 

We get through alot of bubble wrap when packing seashells or pottery rather than buy it in and encourage mass production of soft plastics that can't be recycled we contacted other local business who receive lots of parcels and asked them to keep their left over packaging for us and breaking the cycle of them binning something that others can use. 

One man's trash is another man's treasure! 

We source our fish food from local sustainable fishermen such as Augusta Seafoods, we also have the local Squid Queen keep all her squid offcuts to use as fish food reducing her waste too. 

We stick to our ocean theme and morals... 

When looking for items to sell in our gift shop we avoid plastic, we are fully aware fidget toys, slime, growing animal eggs ect are big sellers with a high mark up value meaning we could make more money, but we don't believe in contributing to plastic pollution so we choose not to stock those items we will leave that to the superstores with no souls. 

By buying items where possible in WA we reduce carbon emissions, packaging and plastic use and production. 

We stock soft toys made from recycled plastic bottles! Even the stuffing inside is made of recycled plastic! 

We stock books made from recycled trees, that are also educational in a fun way. 

Bracelets made from recycled off cuts from factories and seashells and more natural toys.

Wherever we can we give time to support anyone who wants to make a small change to their lifestyle thay can make a big difference to the ocean. 

Say no to straws. 

Bring your own bags everywhere you go. 

Don't support consumerism and mass production of plastic, say no with your wallet and learn to appreciate quality over quantity. 

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