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School and Educational Visits

Why are Pufferfish deadly? 

Can seashells kill you? 

How much plastic is in the ocean? 

Is Nemo a boy or girl? 

Can fish change gender? 

How do corals reproduce? 

What do shark eggs look like? 

All these questions and so many more... 

We understand that different age levels require tailored tours and activities, we have a thousands of shells and ocean treasures on display as well as lots of living creatures in our aquariums. 

Our tours are suitable for any age and can engage and educate in a fun and relevant way as well as spreading awareness of local and worldwide issues affecting our oceans. 

We have microscopes that can not only enlarge shells and corals but also all our living creatures too, live corals and fish are incredibly interesting up close! 

We are Autism and Sensory friendly and have designed the cave to be a calming soothing area. 

We have ocean themed activities and crafts and can also arrange for a real life Mermaid to join you. 

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