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The Mermaid's Cave

A completely unique experience suitable for all ages and all weathers, located just 600 meters from the iconic Busselton Jetty.

50a Queen St, Busselton, WA 6281


Brand New Baby Seahorses born feb 2024

Our long-awaited Seahorse are finally arrived in july 2023 and quickly got to work making babies!!!

You can find the new babies in the nursery inside the main seahorse aquarium.

They are magical, graceful and very curious little creatures.

Did you know that it is the male seahorse

who gives birth?

Seahorses have eyes like Chameleon, meaning that they can move their eyes independently to look in different directions.


We have recently added over 3000 new sea shells to the collection!

The Cave Collection is home to thousands of sea shells from around the world, and we just added even more to our ever growing collection!

Do you know how shells are made?

Which shells should you wear to increase fertility?


Karen the Pufferfish

Come and meet the worlds angriest pufferfish,

Karen is queen of the cave and everyone's favorite fish, so why is she angry?

We have a beautiful collection of pufferfish at the cave and they are all bursting with personality.

Did you know one pufferfish contains enough poison to kill 30 adult humans?


1200 times more deadly than cyanide!

images (3).jpeg

Nemo & Friends

We have a beautiful coral reef aquarium with

Nemo, Dory and the gang. 


Beautiful live corals and anemones.

Have you ever seen a sea cucumber poop?

Did you know all clownfish start off as boys?

Why do clownfish live in anenomes?



Have you ever wondered what a sea urchins teeth really look like?

How about what a starfish looks like up close?

Looking under a microscope is like exploring a new world, our microscopes are really easy to use, we can even show you the fish and corals up close and personal!



Have you ever met a real life Eel?

We have a beautiful eel aquarium, 

Home to Molly & Larry

Did you know that eels have two jaws?

Did you know they can also live for over 40 years?

I bring my children everytime we visit Busselton and they are absolutely obsessed with this place, such a hidden gem, no matter the weather. 

We have annual passes now. The kids learn something new each time they come Georgia has enormous energy for educating in a fun way, I learn lots too.

Kevin the Eel is our all time favourite he has such a fun personality, watching him eat is hilarious. We havnt made it to a mermaid party yet but it’s top of our list for next time we visit.

Lee Knight

This place is just gorgeous! There is such a wide range of beautiful things to see in here. The actual mermaid cave tour is fantastic too and Sasha who showed us around and gave us such a detailed description of all of the creatures in the aquariums was a wealth of knowledge. Can't wait to one day get back here! The gift shop was amazing also, so many beautiful mermaid gifts, toys and merchandise. Definitely a must see in Busselton! Was such a highlight for my 6yr old daughter.

Abby Thomas

Going to Busselton? Check this place out. It's just on the main street, driving towards the jetty. Noelene is brilliant. She gave us a tour out the back of the shop and introduced us to Dory, Kevin the white eel, Nemo the clownfish and more. There are several beautiful aquariums and loads of sea treasures to view.

The tanks have living coral and gorgeous fishy favourites. The fish are lively, healthy and have oodles of personality.

No crowds. The local handmade pottery cups etc in the shop front are amazing to.

My girl and I can't wait to return.

Vanessa K

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